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Three recent studies show even more evidence for the benefits of green tea!

The first study found that average visceral fat (the fat that surrounds internal organs) area, body weight, and body fat were reduced significantly by catechin-enriched green tea treatment. Here it is!

The second study shows that catechins (the antioxidants found in green tea) significantly decrease the amount of LDL cholesterol over 2 months in post-menopausal women…find the article here.

The third showed that the combination of green tea and Tai Chi exercise increased bone formation biomarkers and improved bone turnover rate, therefore having a benefit on bone health. Check it out.


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nai000ian answered your question: What do my followers want to know about? I recently notice I don’t lose weight unless I cut out most/all the grains (bread,pasta,rice, etc.) in my diet. Is that normal? Disease?

Hi! Thanks for the question :) I highly doubt it is disease, it sounds more like by cutting out these grains, you are decreasing your overall energy (calorie/kilojoule) intake therefore leading to weight loss. It is important that you do consume plenty of wholegrains (swap refined grains for wholegrains, ie white rice for brown rice etc).

Also it depends on what time period you are seeing this result. If it is over a week of carbohydrate restriction, then the majority of the weight lost is from water and glycogen stores. So when you start eating carbohydrates again, your glycogen stores increase, often resulting in weight gain.

If your aim is to reduce fat, then reduce your overall energy intake and increase your energy output through exercise. Ensure that most of your energy is coming from natural sources, lots of fresh veges, fruit, wholegrains, meats. In order to calculate your ideal calorie requirement in order for you to lose 0.5-1kg or 1-2 pounds per week I would need to know height and weight measurements, and what sort of activity you do in everyday life (desk job, on your feet all day etc) and any other physical activity. Its also good to try get out there for at least 30mins each day doing some kind of exercise to encourage fat loss.

Hope this helps! :)

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