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Wow! After a whirlwind 2 months tripping around South America, I have finally made it to London, where I will be based for the next 2 years.

We had so much fun, and made so many wonderful new friends! The food was certainly different to what I am used to (being vegetarian and a nutritionist I am used to having A LOT more vegetables!) but I coped and I love trying new things.

We started our journey in Santiago, Chile, after an 11 hour flight from Auckland, New Zealand. As we only had one night there, we decided to do a walking tour of the city, which was fantastic. The following morning we flew to Mendoza, Argentina where we did an evening horse trek and asado (huge bbq). They were so kind and cooked me 2 platefuls of veges. We also did a cycling wine tasting tour of Maipu (a town just out of Mendoza) and walked around the city. Next stop was Buenos Aires where we saw the sights and caught up with some of Miles’ (my husband) friends from when he did a years exchange to Argentina. Then we were off to Corrientes (where Miles did his exchange) to stay with his host family for 2 weeks. They are such beautiful, lovely, kind people and I feel so blessed to now have them a part of my life. During our stay in Corrientes we went up to Iguazu Falls, which is spectacular, and down to a place called Mercedes with a friend of Miles’ who was an exchange student hosted by Miles’ family back in NZ. In Mercedes we went on a boat on a huge lake to see capybara, deer and crocodiles. From Corrientes we made our way to Salta where we did a day trip to Humahuaca.

From Salta we caught a bus to the border of Argentina and Bolivia, where it was quite high in altitude and Miles got quite bad altitude sickness, however he improved after an American girl we had met at the Salta bus terminal (who happened to be staying in the same hotel as us in Tupiza, Bolivia) gave him some coca leaves to chew on. We made it into Bolivia and up to Tupiza safely, where we spent one night before a 4 day, 3 night southern Bolivia tour in a 4wd which concluded in Uyuni. Southern Bolivia is just breathtaking. We got to see many beautiful lakes, a lot of llamas, interesting rock formations, the train graveyard, and the salt flats. Following the tour we spent one night in Uyuni and one night in La Paz, then bused to Copacabana on Lake Titicaca, where we decided to stay for 3 nights to recover, as we both developed a cold. While we were in Copacabana, we did a day trip to Isla del Sol and hiked across the island. From there we crossed the border into Peru.

Our first stop in Peru was Puno. From there we caught a boat out to the floating islands on Lake Titicaca to see how the people out there lived. The president of the island took a liking to Miles and I so dressed us up like locals (see photos). We came out of the hut expecting all of our tour group to be dressed up the same, but they weren’t… After Puno we headed to Cusco to start acclimatising for the Inca Trail (we didn’t really need to acclimatise because by that point we had been above 2500m for over 10 days) we met our group and guides and spent one night there before a one day tour of the sacred valley and doing the Inca Trail. I can tell you it is definitely one of the hardest things I have ever done, but so so rewarding. There were 16 of us from all around the world in our group, so it was one of the larger groups, but we all got on so well it was difficult to say goodbye to our Inca family. We returned to Cusco and made our way to Puerto Maldonado where we went into the Amazon jungle for 3 nights. We got to try different fruit and saw lots of different creatures. In the Amazon we met a lovely Australian couple who we travelled back to Lima with.

After staying one night in Lima, we flew to Bogota in Colombia. Unfortunately by that stage I was suffering from exhaustion and cannot remember much of Bogota. From Bogota we flew to Cartagena, on the coast, where we spent our time exploring the city.

Our last stop on this whirlwind tour was Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic. We decided that a week of relaxation was required before we hit the rush of London. We had never heard of Punta Cana before we researched different places to stay in the Caribbean, but we are so pleased we went there! We stayed in the Majestic Elegance resort, which I highly recommend. I was so happy to see the salad bar on the first day that I went a bit nuts on the veges!

Anyway here we are now in London, staying with Miles’ cousin while we get set up. We are still waiting for some things to turn up that we shipped before we left NZ, including my laptop. I will be working on developing my blog and website in the upcoming weeks (once my laptop arrives) but would also love a permanent or temporary job if anyone in London knows of anything going!

I hope all my followers are happy and healthy! Love to you all!

Xx Tracey @ Knowing Nutrition.